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Affordable Accidental Death Plan

With return of premium in 20 years while coverage doubles: 50k, 75k & 100k available; same premium at every age; guaranteed issue; short application; no medical questions. Higher limits available up to $500,000.

Identity Theft Plans

For associations and groups. Pricing is determined by numbers and whether employer paid or voluntary.

Association Long Term Care Plans

Special benefit discounts and underwriting available to employer groups, qualified associations and couples. Predictable underwriting, top commissions and excellent marketing support.

Free Prescription Rx Plan

For agents to participate in as a giveaway to clients and groups or for lead generation. Excellent discounts on generic and brand name prescriptions with compensation paid based upon utilization.

Guarantee Issue Life, Dental, and Vision Plans

Available for qualified associations. Can also be customized to meet requested specifications. Plans can be private labeled.

Specialty A&H/AD&D Products

Available to very large, qualified organizations, associations, financial institutions and employer groups that meet certain criteria. High limits available for pennies per thousand.

Medical Coverage around the Globe

Individuals, students, missionaries, business travelers and others can now have medical coverage while outside the United States. Both group and individual plans available from 1 to 365 days and longer. Trip cancellation plans also available.

Cardiovascular Screening Programs

Available for large associations, Insurance Companies and employer groups. These can greatly aid in the management of health claim costs as well as with actuarial underwriting costs.  Screenings available nationwide with commissions paid based upon utilization.

Stand Alone Hearing Benefit

National provider network allows for national distribution to groups and associations. Pays compensation based upon utilization.

Fully Insured Legal Services Plan

For groups and associations of five or more. This very popular and affordable employee benefit includes a national network of 25,000 attorneys.

Fully Insured Commercial Drivers Legal Plan

Designed to cover the long-haul truck driver as well as protect the driver’s carrier. This program endorsed by the American Trucking Association.

Fully Insured Pet Insurance Plan

For groups and associations of five or more. One of the fastest growing employee benefits in the nation. Works just like major medical insurance. Accepted by all veterinarians.

Turn Key Property and Casualty Program

Providing Homeowners, Auto, and Renters insurance through a turn key marketing plan. Available to large employer groups and associations of 500 or more.

Web Page Design Services

For business owners, agents, and others wanting to enhance their business with a website presence.  Hosting services available as well.  Very cost effective and affordable pricing.

This website reflects many of the products and programs available for distribution through Life Insurance Company of Alabama. Not all products are available in all states. Products not listed may be available upon request through research and development.

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Family Owned Since 1952
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